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The Simple, Elegant Small-Wind Solution

Affordable, attractive, and ultra quiet, the Windspire wind turbine gives you the power to create clean energy from the natural wind just outside door. At only 30 feet tall and 4 feet wide, the Windspire 1.2 kW wind turbine is distinguished by its sleek propeller-free design and ultra-quiet operation. Designed for use where you live and work, the Windspire is currently powering homes, small businesses, schools, museums, parks, and much more.


  • Clean, renewable energy
  • Complete wind-power system
  • Sleek, attractive design
  • Cost effective
  • Silent operation
  • Made in USA from recycled materials
  • Low profile; only 30 feet tall
  • Annual output 2,000+ kWh/yr
  • Grid-ready, Plug 'n Produce design
  • High-performance generator
  • Integrated inverter
  • Hinged monopole for simple installation
  • Installs in as few as 3 hours on finished foundation
  • Wireless performance monitor
  • Maintenance free
  • IEEE & UK certified
  • Popular Science "Best of What's New 2008" award.

The Windspire wind turbine generates power when wind blows against its vertical airfoils causing them to spin. This power is then converted to AC electricity and is immediately available to power your home grid and all the appliances that draw electricity from it, such as lights, refrigerators, and air conditioners. While the technology behind the Windspire is complex, the basic premise is simple: the stronger the wind, the more power it will generate.

The 1.2 kW (1.2 kilowatt or 1200 watts) Windspire will produce approximately 2000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year in 12 mph average winds. The Windspire also includes Windsync wireless monitoring software, so you can check your power production in real time.

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