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Canopy Lighting & Case Lighting

Canopy Lighting
Over 40 Years of ILT Lighting Experience Goes into Every CanopyLight.
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CanopyLight™ Features Include:
  • Greater than 50,000 Hour LED Fixture Life Span
  • Significantly Reduced Energy Consumption - 33W
  • No Cutting into Canopy - Fast Installation, No Leaks
  • Focused Light - Highlights Gas Pumps, Fueling Areas
  • Modular Design for Ease of Maintenance
  • 5 Year Warranty on CanopyLight Fixtures - Including Power Supply
  • ETL Listed (pending)
CaseLight™ Features Include:
  • FAST ROI - 18-20 Months - Even faster with Rebates!
  • Highest Color Rendering Index (CRI) Available - Reds are Red, Blues are Blue!
  • Designed for Retrofitting Fluorescent Lights in Refrigerated Display Cases, Freezer Display Cases, Cooler Display Cases, Reach-in Display Cases, Vertical Display Cases, Heated Food Display Cases, etc.
  • Even Light Distribution Throughout Display Case - LEDs Point Directly at Product
  • No Exposed Lenses to Crack or Break - Durable Aluminum Extrusion Construction Protects LEDs
  • 5 Year CaseLight Warranty
  • All CaseLight Fixtures Manufactured in USA

Over 40 Years of ILT Lighting Experience Goes into Every CaseLight.
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